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Brinkers Chocolate Symphony is probably the most luxurious and delicate range of chocolate spreads ever introduced. Only the very best ingredients were used to compose a true symphony in chocolate.

Combined with its unique styling, Brinkers has created the ultimate chocolate spread experience.

Brinkers Chocolate Symphony is available in six refined, exquisite chocolate spread varieties and in three unique chocolate mousse varieties.


Chocolate Symphony  No 2 - Dark chocolate spread, containing 30 % cocoa

Chocolate Symphony No 3 - White chocolate spread

Chocolate Symphony No 5 - Almond chocolate spread

Chocolate Symphony No 7 - Crunchy Hazelnut hazelnut chocolate spread, containing 15 % hazelnuts

Chocolate Symphony No 9 - Cappuccino chocolate spread

Chocolate Symphony No11 - Chocolate and Caramel spread


Chocolate Symphony  No 1 - Dark chocolate mousse, containing 30 % cocoa

Chocolate Symphony  No 4 - Milk and Chocolate mousse, duo  

Chocolate Symphony  No 6 - Milk chocolate mousse

Brinkers Chocolate Symphony Crèmes are available in 270 g. glass jars, Brinkers Chocolate Symphony Mousse in 210 g. glass jars.