So much better in chocolate spreads...


In the afterwake of the PLMA 2018 in Amsterdam, Brinkers’ all-star team looks back at a very successful exhibition with many visits of both partners and potential business partners from all over the world. A great number of visitors enthusiastically expressed their interest for Brinkers’ latest innovation in chocolate spreads: Nusco PROTEIN. With this spread Brinkers proves once again to be a true specialist in the world of chocolate spreads.


Each year Brinkers aims to introduce innovative products, showing their near to instinctive insight into consumers’ desires. Introduced this year at the PLMA in Amsterdam is Nusco PROTEIN, high in protein, no added sugar and palm oil free. A perfect fit for the conscious consumer who is increasingly aware of their food intake. Nusco PROTEIN comes in glass jars of 270 gram and is available in five flavours: Hazelnut, Crunchy Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel and Duo Swirl. Throughout the whole exhibition Nusco PROTEIN attracted an overwhelming number of interested parties and reactions ranged from ‘just what the market needs right now’ to ‘fresh, eye-catching design’.

Portion packs and Drinking Glasses

Adding to the endless possibilities of chocolate spread varieties Brinkers now also produces in portion packs and drinking glasses. Both were displayed at PLMA. Portion packs are perfectly suitable for use in food services and enable serving is customised sizes. Drinking glasses are ever so popular amongst consumers looking for sustainable designs in food packaging.

Trustworthy business partner

Newcomer at Brinkers, Area Sales Manager Yordy Bakker, is proud to be part of the Brinkers team at the PLMA. He focuses on building strong ties with his business partners: “It is one thing to produce and sell a product, it is another to maintain reliable relationships. At Brinkers the latter is our main goal and that is why an exhibition such as the PLMA is a great way for us to spend valuable time with our partners and to showcase our knowledge and ideas.” Mr. Bakker adds that the drive to deliver quality service is high at Brinkers: “By continuously showing buyers that our innovations are trend setting and by delivering on point, our partners are ensured of getting the very best possible product. I am sure this contributes to being seen as a trustworthy business partner.”