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Nuscobio Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Delightful 100% organic and UTZ certified Hazelnut chocolate spread of Nuscobio. Made with the best organic and UTZ-certified ingredients, and 13% hazelnuts.

cane sugar*, vegetable oils* (sunflower, palm), hazelnuts* 13%, low fat cocoa powder* 7,5%, skimmed milk powder*, emulsifier: soy lecithin*, Bourbon vanilla extract*

* verified organically grown

Energie2321 kj
 554 kcal
Vet36,4 g
waar verzadigde6,2 g
Koolhydraten4,8,8 g
waar suikers47,8 g
Vezels3,8 g
Eiwit6,7 g
Zout0,1 g

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